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Tall Diamond Card

Equipment Needed

Craft Mat

Craft Knife/Scissors



Ruler – a metal one is best or a plastic one with a metal edge

Paper Creaser/Bone Folder

Scoring Board – the Hougie Board is a favourite of mine as it is double sided with inches on one side and centimetres on the other side

Card in assorted sizes and colours

Backing Papers – some plain, some patterned

Toppers – hand made or bought ones

Sentiment Peel Offs


Place a piece of A4 card on your craft mat in portrait position (i.e. shorter edges top and bottom).

Valley fold vertically in half, crease well and unfold.

Score and valley fold a horizontal line at 10.5cm down from top, crease well and unfold.

Mark at 17.7cm down from top on both left and right hand edges.

Mark at 13.3cm down on centre vertical line of card.

Score and mountain fold these lines (17.7cm to 13.3cm).

Push bottom edge of card up towards centre so the diagonal lines mountain fold, then fold in half vertically to complete the basic diamond fold.

Crease all folds well.

Decorate as required.